1. 70sscifiart:


    A photoset from the fantastic futurist designer Syd Mead. More info and art over at Hyperallergic.

    Check out my Maddd Science tumblr if you haven’t already, everyone! 

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  2. twicr:

    JIBO may be pretty amazing tech, but it is just the latest attempt by robots to invade our home. They’ve been at this a long time!

    (images via The Old Robots)

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  3. astroperlas:

    Separación de la Progress M-23M de la ISS (Roscosmos).



  4. magictransistor:

    Fred Freeman

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  5. magictransistor:

    Chesley Bonestell (1888–1986)

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  6. astroperlas:

    10 años de la Cassini en Saturno. Encélado (NASA/JPL).


  7. astroperlas:

    10 años de la Cassini en Saturno. Pequeñas lunas (NASA/JPL).



  9. Underlapse

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  10. wildcat2030:

    The Original Star Wars Concept Art Is Amazing

    Incredible illustrations by artist Ralph McQuarrie. Not a trap.                      

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  12. zerotaro:



    Japanese sculpture student creates physical voxelated works ranging from Greek sculpture to playful scenes.

    I am a student of sculpture at the Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music. I’ll put a picture of my work. I like digital ones and analog ones .

    The top picture (entitled “A monocular landscape:La Marseillaise" (2014)) can be viewed as a 3D object online here

    zerotaro has a Tumblr blog which you can find here

    わー。なんかありがとう。 Thank you looking!


  14. future-drama:

    First jeopardy, now ping pong


  15. futurist-foresight:

    The Opportunity Rover on Mars.



    Opportunity Rover tracks on Mars. 

    this is so beautiful

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