2. zerotaro:



    Japanese sculpture student creates physical voxelated works ranging from Greek sculpture to playful scenes.

    I am a student of sculpture at the Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music. I’ll put a picture of my work. I like digital ones and analog ones .

    The top picture (entitled “A monocular landscape:La Marseillaise" (2014)) can be viewed as a 3D object online here

    zerotaro has a Tumblr blog which you can find here

    わー。なんかありがとう。 Thank you looking!


  4. future-drama:

    First jeopardy, now ping pong


  5. futurist-foresight:

    The Opportunity Rover on Mars.



    Opportunity Rover tracks on Mars. 

    this is so beautiful

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  8. supplyside:

    mechanized infantry

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  9. prostheticknowledge:


    Japanese art project happening in Berlin and Tokyo by Katsuki Nogami, capturing faces displayed on iPads as heads and shared across the two cities - video embedded below:

    This name is very traditional and most Japanese name like John Smith.But we can’t meet person whose this name,only example model.So this is like anonymous name.This time,performer doesn’t have face.So this person is looking for face and got and exchange many faces.You can recognize this person by only face.This is like icon on the Internet.There,you can masquerade other people.And that icon is walking in the city selfishly.Yamada taro is anonymous.

    This project is done at the same time in Berlin and Tokyo where we are now, and it relays it in the hall. All the data of the face is sharing each places and you can see changing faces from Berlin and Tokyo.There is 8hours time difference,but faces got in real time go quickly 8hours,appears in real sight.You may feel real time.


    Katsuki has a Tumblr blog here



  11. asonlynasacan:


    Apollo XVII Mission - December 7-19, 1972


    …Those may the the four baddest words ever

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  12. staceythinx:

    The Space Race by Justin Van Genderen is a series of posters inspired by the vintage design work that came from both sides of the competition.

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  13. pixelated eiffel tower
    photo found via google image - credit 


  14. prostheticknowledge:


    Incredibly impressive interactive dynamic display which demonstrates potential possibilities working with adaptive form both locally and remotely - video embedded below:

    inFORM is a Dynamic Shape Display that can render 3D content physically, so users can interact with digital information in a tangible way. inFORM can also interact with the physical world around it, for example moving objects on the table’s surface. Remote participants in a video conference can be displayed physically, allowing for a strong sense of presence and the ability to interact physically at a distance. inFORM is a step toward our vision of Radical Atoms: tangible.media.mit.edu/vision/


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  15. Futuristic Family Reunions

    A new take on family portraits in the age of globe-trotting families.